Make More Good for December 2019: Ryefield Hops – Help a Hop

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In December, 2019, Edge’s Director and General Manager for NSW, Ken Lunty, chose Ryefield Hops to be the recipient.

The “Make More Good” initiative is one of my favourite initiatives we have at Edge.  Each month, the company makes a donation on behalf of a staff member for a cause close to their heart. Over the years, our staff have donated to some wonderful initiatives you can read about here ( Last year, my donation went toward the charity One Girl and usually I would continue to commit to this worthy cause. However, this year the devastation caused by the bushfires and the drought has directed me to donate to a local cause.

This month, I am donating to a local business on the South Coast of NSW.  Ryefield Hops is a farm part owned with someone I worked with for many years. Jade McManus was an Ecologist at the firm I worked for early in my career. We became good friends as colleagues and as our careers continued over the years, she became a good client as well. A few years ago, she decided to go back home to the South Coast and start a sustainable hops farm. To me, this was fantastic and was a showcase in sustainable agriculture and supply chain. From 2016, they expanded and grew every year. The farm has sustainability at its core and grows hops using organic practices and regenerative agriculture principles.  They implement farming methods to promote and build healthy soils, biodiversity, natural predators and enhanced water quality and retention. They have also designed our new processing facility with sustainability elements to reduce power input and material use.

Season 2020 was set to be the turning point for Ryefield Hops with the construction of a 10 acre hop yard expansion and the construction of a mechanical harvesting and processing facility.  Countless hours of labour, sacrifice and dedication have gone into the planning and execution of both of these milestones. However, the effects of climate change have struck a cruel blow and like many people in NSW, Ryefield Hops are suffering the consequences of both severe drought and unprecedented bushfires. This year, my donation goes to help a mate in need and a local business that is out there doing the right thing.


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