Make More Good for August: Eon Foundation

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In August, Edge’s Sustainability Consultant Tim Watson, chose Eon Foundation to be the recipient.

Limited access to fresh food in remote Australian communities highlights the paradox of our times – that while remote communities face preventable, nutrition-related diseases, organic food waste occupies 40% of our urban landfills. Our work at Edge aims to address the second part of the paradox – through both behaviour change projects and recycling, but the issues of food insecurity remain.

Eon Foundation’s mission is to address these issues through building productive, edible food gardens and employing local people in remote indigenous communities. Through its Thriving Communities Program, Eon builds edible gardens and provides practical gardening training, nutrition, and cooking programs across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Eon employs local community members over a five-year period, ensuring longevity in programs and true long-term capacity building. Gardens are designed to secure food supplies, flourishing with vegetables, fruit and bush tucker. In these communities, the garden becomes the classroom and a place of connection, nourishment and resilience.

Growing food brings people together through our shared need for sustenance, community and belonging. Eon’s work brings the joys and health benefits of growing and eating fresh vegetables and fruits to Australia’s most remote communities.

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