Make More Good for April 2021

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In April 2021, Edge’s Principal Consultant, Jenni Philippe, chose One Million Women to be the recipient.

I came across 1 Million Women in 2017 as I had started leading the war on waste around the house. 1 Million Women is flighting climate change through everyday lives. Women have a prominent role in the household, making a large amount of decisions on what is consumed and thrown away. I was really inspired by this non-for-profit and found their approach to change very engaging, making it easy to experiment new ways of living and also be guilt free whenever things got a bit too hard.

I attended an event where the founder Natalie Isaac was sharing her personal journey and explained how she realised the power she had to drive climate change. By switching off lights around the house systematically, she saved a significant amount of money but most of all she saw how much greenhouse gas emission she saved. That lightbulb moment changed everything and she shifted her career, going from running a cosmetic company to driving tangible actions towards climate change.

Her story was a turning point for me. I, too, had the power to make small changes every day that mattered. The thought that collectively we can change the world gave me so much energy and enabled me to totally change our lifestyle, so we could be more sober, mindful of what we do and what we buy. I, too, could change the course of my life and connect with my purpose.

Not long after, I was so inspired by 1 Million Women’s campaigns that I offered to volunteer part-time with them for a few months. I had just quit my corporate role and decided to focus on reinventing my career.

At the time, I helped them prepare the roll out of the newly developed App to support and encourage daily climate change actions. I was so impressed by how lean, resourceful and efficient this incredible bunch of smart women were.

This life defining moment gave me the courage and confidence to create my own business in circular design and strategy. And it led me to work at Edge now. What a ride!

If you want to make a difference, first, join us, we are 836,428 members, help us achieve 1 million women!

Then obviously, check their website, app and social media platform, and get inspired to take action.

Finally, if you want to support them, you can donate one-off or monthly

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