Make More Good for October: RSPCA

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In October,  Edge’s Senior Sustainability Consultant Joana Almeida, chose the RSPCA to be the recipient.

My donation to the RSPCA is to honour their work in ensuring that so many animals get pulled out of damning situations into loving homes.  

My wonderful pets have always been someone else’s loss: the scruffiest feline at the shelter, unsellable breeder’s pups, runaways from troubled homes, litter overspills and other creatures that crossed our path in need of care. In return, we got loyal friends, half-decent guard dogs, the best bushwalking mates and living blankets for improved napping. According to science, we’ve also been getting health benefits and, most importantly, some love. (At least from the dogs, ‘cause who knows what goes on in the mind of cats!)

Pets have taught my family how a little empathy, some care and just giving can have a huge impact on a life. Their life and ours.

The RSPCA is a flagship institution that helps animals in dire situations, often taking them into their shelters and treating them in their hospitals, and finally brokering the adoption process that will find them a home. If you ask me, that’s straight up God’s work – selfless giving to the innocent who cannot help themselves. I’m personally very thankful to them.

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