Make more good for January: One Girl

Edge Environment’s monthly ‘Make More Good’ donation sends $300 to a worthy cause nominated by a staff member. In December, Edge’s General Manager Ken chose One Girl to be the recipient.

The “Make More Good” initiative is one of my favourite initiatives we have at Edge. Each month, the company makes a donation on behalf of a staff member for a cause close to their heart. Over the years, our staff have donated to some wonderful initiatives you can read about here. Last year, my donation went toward the charity One Girl and this year will be no different. It’s well known that girls education and family planning results in reduced social and environmental impacts. This is summarised in a previous make more good donation.

One Girl are an Australian charity with a mission to educate 1 million girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda. More than 130 million girls around the world are not in school. There are many things that will prevent a girl being educated. But when it comes down to it, the truth is, millions of girls are prevented from going to school, simply because they were born a girl. Barriers to these girls include forced marriage, early or forced pregnancy and, of course, poverty. Education can change everything and One Girl cite the following as examples of this:

  • Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to educate their children
  • A girls income can increase 10-25% for every extra year they are educated
  • An educated woman will typically invest up to 90% of their income into their family
  • Girls with 8 years of education are 4 times less likely to be married as children
  • Each extra year of a mother’s education reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5-10%

Having become a father for the first time last year, I naturally wish the very best for my young daughter. I am blessed to live in circumstances where her education will be a given. Because of this, I know she will grow into a strong, independent woman who will make impact in the world, much like the women I work with every day. I live the benefits of a gender diverse workplace. Knowing that this donation will provide the opportunity for a young girl to gain an education for a year makes me hopeful that she will be one step closer to realising the potential that is within her.

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