Living the dream: seven reasons why Edge is a wonderful place to work

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my arrival in Australia and, without meaning to sound too gushing, as that landmark approaches I can’t help but think I’ve found myself “living the dream” work-wise. On an obvious level, there’s a lot to like about working for a company with an office overlooking Manly harbour, five minutes’ cycle from my house. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and this week has been a great illustration…

  1. We work on world-leading projects with industry-leading companies – based on work that we did for them along with our partners, Ecofys, Singtel-Optus have just published Australia’s first science-based target.
  2. We walk the talk too – last night we submitted the paperwork for our own science-based target. Fine, we’re not going to change the world on our own, but it’s great to know that we’re doing the best we can.
  3. We make time to learn from each other… – we have a regular programme of “Breakfast and Learn” sessions to share lessons from projects we’re working on and discuss industry trends. This week it was the turn of our awesome team in Chile, who presented on their work on Chile’s sustainable consumption and production action plan.
  4. …And from others too – today we’ve got a Sydney-based member of the Stone and Wood team coming in to spend a few hours working from our office, which he’ll end with a “Beer and Learn” about the award-winning work S&W are doing on sustainability.
  5. We’re committed to innovation – each team member has an allocation of up to 100 hours a year to spend on innovation. That time can be spent developing new ways to do what we do better, to add value to client projects, or work up new business ideas. One of those ideas – to create a new sustainability calculator for conferences – was progressed this week in a great discussion with fellow BCorp, WildWon.
  6. We’re an active member of the sustainability community – last night we’re were enthusiastic attendees of Solar Choice’s drinks reception three floors below us at No.39, put on to celebrate the burgeoning renewable energy cluster here in Manly. Barely a day goes by here when a member of the team’s not off to some event or other, whether it’s BCorp, GBCA, ISCA, or the Supply Chain School.
  7. We value work-life balance – we’re well known for having a rack of surfboards in the office and they’re well used. There’s a regular diary appointment for a Friday swim from Manly to Shelly beach, and there’ll be a few of us heading that way today.

And that’s just one week in the life of Edge. It’s a great team here, doing fantastic work, and having fun doing it. It’s a real privilege to be part of that.

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