LCA specialist Joana’s candid account of her first weeks at Edge

LCA specialistI recently met a group of people inspired by their work, committed to their clients and to solid science. The best part about the meeting is that these people are part of a workplace, and that workplace is now also my workplace.

I’m slowly taking it all in, transitioning from an academic context to a commercial one; from Europe to Australia; from renewable energy to infrastructure and buildings.

Currently I lack a network and sometimes even context. Are these bad things? Nope. You know what they say about learning, that it should be a lifelong, daily experience, and here I’m, like, learning a thousand new things every week!

It’s jarring, sometimes, but not disorienting. I can follow the thread that links my experience, insights and technical abilities – the strongest one being life cycle assessment (LCA) – to the projects Edge works on. And that’s also why I fit in here. Edge is very strong at applying life cycle thinking to all its activities. That means I’ll probably get to meddle in many projects at one point or another, and cover a range of sectors.

Plus, the team is pretty keen on innovating, developing new tools and new products for our clients. This is the part where I get giddy, because, deep down, I’ll always be a researcher! My favourite part of working here is when someone says: “I had this idea, we could do this or that for this client, but I don’t know how”. And then we brainstorm, get to work and find a way. The skillset here in the office is pretty impressive… I don’t even know the full array yet. But I get the feeling we can do a lot of cool stuff together.

And did I mention the office has a board rack instead of a coat rack?

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