Launching Our Edge Team in the United States

Since our launch in Sydney, Australia in 2008, it has been a remarkable and tremendously rewarding journey collaborating with our wonderful client partners to advance towards our mutual vision of a truly sustainable economy, society, and environment.  We have been honored and humbled to have had so many committed clients put their trust in us to support them on their sustainability journeys, and the success of our work together has created both an opportunity and a calling to grow our team and expand our geographic reach, across Australia in recent years, as well as to Chile in 2017.

We are now extremely excited to announce the expansion of Edge’s services and team to the United States.  The science and evidence show us that there has never been a more urgent time for businesses, municipalities, NGOs and other institutions, and nations to address the severe environmental, social, and economic challenges we face.  The United States is one of the most critical nations and markets that must make even bolder and faster progress for us to achieve true global sustainability.  That criticality, plus the renewed US commitment to go even farther and faster on these environmental, social and economic issues clearly showed us that the time is now to bring Edge’s services and expertise in sustainability science, strategy, and storytelling to the US market. 

Our conversations with current and potential client partners in the US assure us that the expertise we offer – in carbon impact reduction strategies and climate resilience, circular economy and life cycle thinking, sustainability strategy development and implementation, sustainability communications, and supplier engagement – resonates strongly with the top sustainability issues the US business community is facing.  We’re also very pleased that our deep commitment to ensuring that our work is firmly based in the best sustainability science, while also being able to be clearly translated into actionable strategies and compellingly communicated to internal and external stakeholders, has resonated so well with the US business community in early conversations.  We look forward to supporting our new US client partners, whether US-based multinationals, their vital supply chain partners, or others, wherever they may be on their sustainability journey. 

We’re also extremely pleased and excited to have chosen Bryan Sheehan as Managing Director, North America, to guide the launch and long-term growth of our US and North American team and business.  Bryan is a highly experienced sustainability leader who brings a rare combination of sustainability passion, vision, and knowledge; extensive experience and proven success in building and leading thriving teams and businesses; and a commitment to developing very strong client relationships.  This, along with his deep knowledge of the US corporate sustainability landscape, make us extremely confident that Bryan is the right person to lead the team to great success in helping US clients to achieve their sustainability goals. Stay tuned for more news from Bryan and the US team in the coming weeks and months. 

Much progress has been made around the world in recent years in moving towards true sustainability, yet we know that still much more needs to be done, and with even more urgency and commitment.  We at Edge have been honored and inspired to help advance along this path with our wonderful client and collaborator partners.  With this latest exciting step of expanding our services and partnership to the US, we look forward with even greater commitment and excitement to the positive steps we will take together towards true global sustainability, and to the meaningful relationships we will develop along the way. 

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