Interview – Why Iplex decided to publish some of Australia’s first EPDs.

epd_logostrapline_blackIplex Pipelines 
was established in Australia in 1938 and over the past seven decades has grown to become a recognised leader in the supply of pipeline products to the water and gas industries. Today the company is a wholly owned division of Fletcher Building Ltd and is amongst the first companies to publish an EPD in Australia. Rodger Connolly, Iplex National Technical Services Manager, has worked closely with Edge Environment to produce their EPDs. He has spoken to us about the business case for publishing such documents.

Rodger ConnollyWhat motivated Iplex to lead on Australian EPDs?

We feel it is important to demonstrate that Iplex is a responsible manufacturer and also one that cares about its customers and the effect their products and processes have on the environment, and an EPD does that.

The business case for product manufacturers to produce an EPD is quite clear: There is a growing market demand for validated environmental credentials of building products, with infrastructure projects, like airports and bridges, worth billions of dollars under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) rating scheme, 1000 commercial buildings already been rated under the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star certification scheme and 300 currently under construction.

EPDs help our customers – builders and developers – seeking to construct environmentally responsible buildings and infrastructure by providing them with information and the evidence they require to claim credit points under the GBCA and ISCA rating systems for their projects.

What are some of the initiatives your company has undertaken over the years to reduce its environmental impacts?

Examples of investments Iplex has made include power efficient machinery, rainwater harvesting, strategic factory locations and route planning. We also insist on sourcing polymer and additives from certified Best Environmental Practice suppliers.

Could you share some lessons learned for organizations considering producing EPDs?

Keep adequate records of records like water and power consumption, waste generation, imports, location of your markets and how you distribute to them – This sort of data will be required!Iplex EPDs

The process of doing an EPD has highlighted the benefits of doing investments in energy efficiency and recovery, low power lighting etc.; those decisions have become clear cut in our business.

If you would like to discuss how an Environmental Product Declaration can benefit your business, contact us, and ask for James Logie or Jonas Bengtsson.


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