Congratulations to INNOWOOD Australia Pty Ltd for completing its first EPD


INNOWOOD Australia Pty Ltd recently joined the rank of respected companies offering transparent environmental information about their products’ life cycle, by publishing its first environmental product declaration (EPD), authored by Edge. What did the transparency process reveal and how is this benefitting INNOWOOD?

Edge is proud to have authored INNOWOOD’s first EPD, the EPD for INNOWOOD wood composite products: InnoClad, InnoCeil, InnoDeck, InnoScreen and InnoShade.

The company already taps into the circular economy – its composite timber is made using flour from post-consumer wood recycling instead of dedicated timber resources. For INNOWOOD, a certified EPD was essential to understanding the impacts of its operations and ensuring that any environmental benefit from using INNOWOOD products was communicated with confidence.


Here are some more key outtakes from the EPD process:

INNOWOOD is an Australian company founded in 2005 with a vision to design and supply an environmentally conscious, construction-grade composite timber (a material made by binding wood fibre with plastic resin).

INNOWOOD products are manufactured in Guangzhou, China, by Kingfa Sci & Tech. Kingfa engages in the research, development, production and sale of plastic products. It offers modified plastics, special-type engineering plastics, fine chemical materials, biodegradable plastics and wood-based materials, as well as carbon fibres and its composites. Its products and materials are used internationally in automobiles, construction, electronics, consumer goods, packaging products, toys, etc.

Edge visited Kingfa’s headquarters, R&D lab and production plant. Our team scrutinised the INNOWOOD production lines and collected extensive life cycle data during workshops held with Kingfa and INNOWOOD staff.

We witnessed a modern and nearly zero-waste manufacture facility, where water circulates in a closed-loop and all offcut waste is recycled internally.

Thank you, INNOWOOD

Almost every LCA and EPD we do here at Edge is a learning curve. The knowledge exchange is intense: we get into the nitty gritty of manufacturing processes, materials, supply chains, LCA methodology and life cycle thinking, and we gain the same sense of achievement as our clients do when we complete the process.

This EPD was an immersive project for us, so thank you to the INNOWOOD and Kingfa teams who welcomed us in Guangzhou. It’s gratifying to see the EPD published, communicating INNOWOOD’s ethos and becoming the next stepping stone in INNOWOOD’s path towards transparency.

“We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service Edge provided. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way your company conducted its business. Looking forward to continuing our relationship for years to come to improve our commitment to make our world a sustainable place to live.”
Managing Director John Kozlowski with regards to the EPD project.

“INNOWOOD is pleased to be a part of the EPD program as the comprehensive assessment and registration is a testament to our continual environmental philosophy as the sustainable timber alternative. The EPD has enabled consumers to have confidence that INNOWOOD products are environmentally friendly products that are safe to use, have a low impact on the environment and also address important social considerations.”
– Technical Support & Account Manager




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