Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool Materials Calculator Guidelines

ISCA guidelines copyThe Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) is the peak industry body for advancing sustainability in Australia’s infrastructure.  ISCA’s mission is ‘Improving the productivity & liveability of industry & communities through sustainability in infrastructure’.

ISCA developed and administers the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme.  IS is Australia’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across design, construction and operation of infrastructure.  IS evaluates the sustainability (including environmental, social, economic and governance aspects) of infrastructure projects and assets.

ISCA launched the IS Rating Tool Materials Calculator in 2012 and has made the changes in response to industry and user feedback. Edge Environment have supported ISCA with the IS rating tool, including the original development of version 1 of the tool.

The recently launched Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool Materials Calculator Guidelines explains the methodology behind the Mat-1 Credit: Materials Life Cycle Impact Measurement and Reduction and the IS Material Calculator in the Materials Category of the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating tool, developed and administered by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia (ISCA).

The primary purpose of these guidelines is to provide guidance for assessors who are preparing evidence and supporting documents as part of their self-assessment submission.

This document can also be used to:

  •   Provide guidance to other users of the IS Materials Calculator.
  •   Provide background information on the development of the IS Materials Calculator.
  •   Outline additional guidance to be used in conjunction with the existing guidance in the Technical Manual for the Mat-1 credit.

The Guidelines were developed by Edge Environment for the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. See also corresponding post on ISCA’s website.

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