Hort Innovation Report Published

Edge is pleased to announce the finalisation of the project Integrating Plant Life into Building and Infrastructure Rating Tools, funded by Hort Innovation with nursery levy and commonwealth funds.

This 12-month project collated scientific evidence of the benefits of green infrastructure to the environment, society and individuals. The research provided conclusive evidence that a greener built environment results in healthier and more satisfied communities and improved environmental outcomes, as well as boosting assets and communities’ climate resilience.

The Edge team travelled across Australia, from Brisbane to Perth, to speak to those out in the field about their experience designing and implementing green infrastructure. The stakeholders were enthusiastic about specifying plants into property and infrastructure projects, based on the multiple benefits they provide, but also highlighted a range of barrier that need to be overcome to accelerate the take-up of green infrastructure. The work also highlighted a number of key knowledge gaps and opportunities for the industry to collectively support wider implementation.

Finally, the study looked at how Green Infrastructure is being incentivised through key rating schemes such as Green Star and ISCA’s IS tool. This included a review of the former’s credits and opportunities for the development of further points categories, and a review of major infrastructure projects against ISCA’s recently developed Green Infrastructure credit.

If you want to know more or access the final report, please contact Joana (at) edgeenvironment.com.au.

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