Green Star ratings – How Edge can help 


Working with clients to deliver high-quality Green Star outcomes is a large part of the work we do with the property sector.

Our CEO, Jonas Bengtsson, was recently elected President of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society, so it’s no surprise that Edge is best known for our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) work. LCA is a fantastic tool for understanding and reducing the impacts of buildings, and also holds the key to achieving a host of Green Star credits. We partner with the ESD community, contractors and developers to deliver market-leading whole building LCAs for projects across Australia, and are making increasing use of our “LCA Lite” tool to help ensure that we can help to guide decisions made at the crucial design stage.

But LCA is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a wide range of other areas where we can support Green Star projects with first-rate research, analysis, advice and document development. These include:

  • Sustainable materials
  • Adaptation and resilience studies
  • Waste management plans (operations and refurbishment)
  • Social return on investment studies
  • Sustainable procurement support
  • Environmental management plans
  • Greenhouse gas strategy
  • Waste reports and compliance verification
  • Corporate responsibility policies and reporting
  • Sustainability awareness materials/initiatives
  • Contractor education materials/initiatives
  • Hazardous materials surveys
  • Potable water calculations

So if you are putting together a Green Star submission, whether it’s for your own project or a client’s, do get in touch.

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