From the rough emerge the diamonds – How Australian businesses are supporting those in need (and each other) through Covid 19

This crisis will undoubtedly be the biggest test that most organisations have ever faced. At present, the majority of businesses are exploring ways to adapt to this new operating environment or at worst are assessing methods for self-preservation.  

However, amidst all of this chaos, over the last few weeks we’ve also seen unprecedented examples of corporate altruism,  generosity and collaboration. Of those few organisations that have found themselves on the front line of service delivery, many have already stepped up to implement tactics or programs to support their communities and customers. Whether its Woolworths offering to hire laid off Qantas staff, Atlassian offering free access to their software, or small distilleries pivoting manufacturing to support the supply of alcohol for sanitiser, these organisations are demonstrating true definition of corporate social responsibility at the time that it is needed most.

Through a quick google search I have drafted this diagram of organisations that have already publicly released various support packages for their communities and customers aligned to the tactics they are using to deliver positive social impact. 

But I would love your help….Do you know of any other organisations that are going above and beyond to support their community through this crisis?

Importantly, it is clear that this is only the beginning of this movement. Over the past week I have fielded calls from a number of organisations seeking advice on how they can better support their community, customers and society by accelerating and boosting their social impact strategies. From connecting them to local food banks and strategic not-for-profits that will remain working on the front line, through to exploring how organisations can ease their contractual arrangements for their customers and suppliers under strain. 

Understandably, most businesses are not currently in the position to explore these opportunities. But, it is good to see that those businesses who can afford to take action are doing so.

As always, if you’re part of one of these lucky organisations and would like to have a chat about how to better support your employees, customers and wider community get in touch. You know where to find me.

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