Webinar: Tackling Scope 3 Emissions For a More Sustainable Supply Chain

The need for transparency has never been greater as major investors emphasise the increasing importance placed on supply chain visibility and ESG performance in the valuation of businesses.

Corporations continue to make progress on carbon-reduction initiatives, and the supply chain has come into focus as a critical area for businesses to reduce overall emissions.

So how can you equip your company with the insights it needs to elevate Scope 3 emissions as a factor of your broader supply chain strategy?

This webinar discusses how your business can tackle scope 3 emissions to create a more sustainable supply chain.

Edge and SupplyShift explore the challenges and potential solutions in corporate supply chain emissions. Join our panel of experts as they share:

  • Current trends, challenges and barriers that leaders in this space are facing
  • What they are hearing from investors, clients and suppliers
  • How to better engage with your suppliers
  • Examples of how global corporate leaders are tackling climate change

Scope 3 emission reduction, supplier engagement and supply chain transparency are some of the biggest sustainability challenges for corporations yet. This is a must for anyone who is setting ambitious carbon targets and recognises the critical role of supply chains.


Nicole Thompson, Head of Sustainable & Ethical Procurement, Edge Environment


Jamie Barsimantov, COO, SupplyShift

Ashleigh Gay, Head of Sustainability Leadership & Communications, Edge Environment

Maisie Auld, Head of Carbon & Climate Resilience, Edge Environment

Tanya Harris, Principle Consultant & Sustainable Procurement Expert, Edge Environment

This webinar was held on Thurs 30th September, 2021 at 9:30-10:30AM (AEST).

If you’re like to learn more about how to create a more transparent and sustainable supply chain, email us on info@edgeenvironment.com

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