The EPA Launches the Recyculator

The EPA has released the Recyculator, an amazingly practical environmental reporting tool that is now available for general use.

How it works:

If a company has diverted over the last 12 months, 1000 tonnes of non-standard softwood timber pallets from landfill. These pallets are sent to local charity that converts them to a number of saleable products. At the same time they somehow managed to recover and recycle 5 tonnes of aluminium.

Running these results through the Recyculator allows an appreciation of the wider advantageous of this recovery

With the Recyculator you now have a simple way of reporting a number of these savings. As purely an example, the above diversion of 1,005 tonnes of waste timber and aluminium landfill has:

· saved the equivalent of 27 thousand wheelie bins of waste from landfill

· saved nearly 0.4 Olympic swimming pools of clean water

· saved nearly 12,000 gigajoules of energy and

· saved greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 346 cars off the road

And these results are immediately supplied as a graphic for reporting by the Recyculator.

EPA Recyculator

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