Environmental Risks Dominate the WEF Global Risks Report 2015

The World Economy Forum (WEF), recently released it’s annual Global Risks Report for 2015, heralding the significant and acknowledged dangers we face from un-mitigated climate change.

Surveyed responses ranked the risks of ‘Water Crises’, ‘Failure of Climate Change Adaptation’ and ‘Extreme Weather Events’ among the topmost likely and impactful global risks. These potential risks were considered of greater importance than other possible responses such as ‘Terrorist attacks’, ‘Fiscal Crisis’ and ‘Cyber attacks’.

Focused on long term decision making, the report draws on the considered knowledge of experts and global decision makers to provide a thorough discussion of the connectedness of risks and a review of causes and potential global solutions to these problems.

Of the 5 umbrella risks areas assessed (Economic, Geopolitical, Societal, Technological and Environmental), the report identifies ‘Environmental risks’ as the area in which there has been the least progress over the past 10 years.

The report highlights the interface between the economy, governance and the environment and provides the resounding message that finding solutions to the challenges of scarcity will not diminish in the future.

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