Environmental Labelling for Building Products

Environmental Labelling for Building Products

We have nutrition labels for food, so why not building products?

As Michelle Johansson, associate at JASMAX architects, sees it, we “eat” the built environment that surrounds us as well. Every day we ingest it’s dust on our food, coffee cups and fingers; absorb it’s chemicals where we sit or lean; and breath in whatever is floating about from the off-gassing of furnishings, finishes and other items.

According to Johansson, The Living Future Institute’s Declare labelling scheme provides a certification that aims to give architects, builders and consumers transparent information on exactly what they are “eating’” in the built environment.

Consideration in material selection and design are becoming increasingly prevalent as the innovation and interiors tools of the Green Building Council of Australia drive the installation and recognition of environmentally credible product.

In turn, the development of a market for Environmental Product Declarations is rapidly expanding, relying on Life Cycle Assessment to provide a standardised and comparative basis on which to compare products.

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