Edge to deliver GBCA Life Cycle Assessment Training

Edge is excited to be working with the Green Building Council of Australia to produce and deliver four life cycle assessment (LCA) trainings. LCA represents the most comprehensive methodology to understand the full environmental impacts of products or assets. The incorporation of LCA in GreenStar 2014 is an exciting new opportunity for organisations understand and market the environmental credentials of their work.

LCA Introductory Course (Module 1)

Who should attend this training? Anyone interested in understanding environmental impacts through the whole life cycle of a product, asset or activity.

Product Transparency and Sustainability (Module 2)

Who should attend this training? Building product managers and suppliers who want to benefit from the shift by specifiers toward products with comprehensive environmental information.

Building and Asset Life Cycle Impacts (Module 3)

Who should attend this training? Developers, architects, designers and engineers who want to optimise environmental impacts of their assets over their whole life.

Sustainable Procurement and Strategy (Module 4)

Who should attend this training? Strategic thinkers, heads of sustainability and procurement strategists who want to incorporate best practice strategic environmental decision making throughout their supply chain.

The training represents a new model of delivery and will focus on detailed and practical information for participants. An introduction module will provide an overview of LCA and the knowledge base required for progression to the three detailed modules. The detailed modules are tailored to specific sections of the building supply chain from product manufacturing, through whole of building analysis and to overarching corporate strategy and procurement. Comprehensive case studies will be used to highlight best practice in the industry as well as share learning from organisations experiences with LCA.

Attendees will gain an understanding of LCA and how it is used in the GreenStar 2014 Design & As Built Tool. Practical knowledge required to cost effectively commission, or efficiently perform an in-house, LCA to achieve the related material credits.

The trainings accrue credits under the GBCA’s Continuing Professional Development program. The training will be delivered both face-to-face and in webinar format for those who are not based in Sydney.

If you have any questions about the trainings please do not hesitate to contact Jacqui (94380100 or jacqui@edgeenvironment.com.au).

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