Edge pioneers resilient housing principles

Edge Environment has been working with Lake Macquarie City Council to develop guidelines for resilient housing. This pioneering approach to managing risk from flooding and tidal inundation embeds flexibility and adaptability into residential development. Edge developed four principles for resilient housing with each principle having a set of performance criteria and suggested acceptable solutions for site and building design and construction.

Lake Macquarie foreshore development is at risk from increased flood and tidal inundation. It is a high-growth region with trends towards development intensification around the lake. Building trends currently suggest slab on ground, brick veneer to be the most common building method. Alternative resilience measures can be implemented to achieve the required risk mitigation without sterilising land or creating legacy housing issues. To build resilient houses guidelines are required in order to steer developers and home builders in the right direction and give Development Assessment Officers firm criteria to assess proposals against.

The report can be downloaded here: Final Report on Development Guidelines for Resilient Housing for LM (online) and the case studies of resilient housing are available here: Resilient Housing Case studies for Lake Macquarie

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