Edge now a BCorp on both sides of the Pacific

Being a BCorp is central to Edge’s corporate identity. We’re proud of having renewed our certification for another term, this time bringing our Chilean team into the BCorp family.

Anyone who’s been through the BCorp certification process will know that it’s a pretty tough grind. There’s a lot of information to pull together, and it’s all the more complex if you, like us, want to bring a new business unit into the fold. This time we added our new(ish) Chile office to our BCorp certification, which meant doubling the effort!

But oh is it worthwhile. Going through a process like that is a great reminder of what we’re doing well, and a kick in the behind to make sure we focus hard on the areas we’re falling short. The latter is especially important where sometimes, as a very dedicated sustainability consultancy, we can sometimes forget that it’s important to get things right on our own patch as well as helping our clients on their journey. And for our colleagues in Santiago to do the same only one year after setting up is a great way to ensure that the “Business as a Force for Good” ethos is ingrained in the way they operate from the very start.

And of course it’s great to reaffirm Edge’s place as a member of the BCorp community. With each passing year it becomes more vibrant and collaborative, with new opportunities to work with our friends and colleagues across the network. It’s a hotbed of creative thought, innovation and purposeful action.

Here’s to the next three years!

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