Edge Launches Team in New Zealand

Since Edge Environment started ten years ago, we have been honoured and humbled to have had so many committed clients put their trust in us to partner with them on their sustainability journeys. The success of our work together has created both an opportunity and a calling to grow our team and expand our geographic reach. It is on this note that we are excited to announce our expansion of Edge and the team into New Zealand with the launch of our new Auckland office.

This was a natural move for Edge as we have been supporting a number of clients in New Zealand for the past ten years. Recognising that New Zealand has taken a world-leading position on sustainability, and climate change, particularly in recent years, we’re inspired by the opportunity to help further New Zealand’s transition to becoming a low carbon, circular economy.

“Edge’s integrated approach to sustainability is a wonderful complement to New Zealand’s leadership in sustainability. Our local presence and experienced team will be hugely beneficial for our existing and future clients looking to accelerate their sustainability journey,” said Olivia Tyler, Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand at Edge.

Our new on-the-ground consulting team, Kate Bromfield and David Maucor will be based in our new Auckland office. Both Kate and David are highly experienced sustainability leaders who bring both passion and local knowledge. Kate has held various leadership roles, including as a start-up Director with the Elemental Group and as a Team Lead at the New Zealand EPA. David brings over 10 years’ experience in environmental management working in New Zealand and France. Throughout his career, his key focus has been on minimising the environmental impact of infrastructure and construction projects. He has a strong understanding of New Zealand’s planning and consenting framework, and best practice for working in ecological and socially sensitive environments.

We are looking forward to sharing more news about Kate, David and our valued clients in the coming weeks and months. 

Much progress has been made around the world in recent years in moving towards true sustainability, yet we know that still much more needs to be done, and with even more urgency and commitment. We at Edge have been inspired to help advance along this path with our wonderful clients and collaborator partners. With this latest exciting step of expanding our support and partnerships in New Zealand, we look forward with even greater commitment to the positive steps we will take together towards true global sustainability, and to the meaningful relationships we will develop along the way.

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