Public concern about climate change remains very high

In Australia, national surveys in 2010 and 2012 showed that public acceptance and concern about climate change has remained very high, being viewed as a genuine threat by many people across different ages, regions and income levels.

A much more disturbing idea is that people’s choices are shaped by their work and social settings, and that people’s lifestyles therefore hold them back from taking action. This is the crux of what the downshifting movement has been telling us for decades: that your choices are not just yours alone, but are heavily shaped by the environment in which you live, the hours you work and play, and the social norms you embrace.

With the wages earned in Australia, too often it is easiest to demonstrate commitment to climate change by purchasing accredited or responsible products.   However, the benefits of these can be overcome in portion by out of balance work/life balances, hindering the time needed for people to make fundamental climate friendly changes to their behaviour.

Edge Environment promotes a working environment that promotes its employees to reduce their impact on climate change. As I look around the room only at 10.45am only 30% of the lights are switched on, floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to flood in, there are bikes and skateboards rested against walls behind peoples desks as this is how the majority of us travel to and from work each day and 2 out of 15 staff members are working from home.

Now is the time to re assess your working environment and encourage your peers to do the same. Read more on how to fix your work- life balance here


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