Make More Good in November: Why I’m donating to Save the Children

Make More Good in November: Why I’m donating to Save the Children

Every month from November 2016, Edge Environment is sending some good out into the world, supporting causes that align with our company and personal values. Staff will take it in turns to choose a cause and Edge will donate $300, sharing details of the organisation on our blog and social media. To kick us off, Alarna Haigh chose Save the Children. This is why…

As a mum of one (soon to be two, within the next couple of weeks!), life currently revolves around a beautiful and very time-consuming little person.

It’s hilarious and satisfying, simple and routine. A friend who doesn’t have children commented to me recently how nice it was, that you find time to relax and enjoy their childhood – watching Disney movies, making silly faces or buying them Kinder Surprises (occasionally!) purely for the looks on their faces.

But this is Australia in 2016 and we’re a pretty lucky country. We can give our children lives and choices, and be proud to bring them up in a free world. Having a child and taking joy in his life is a stark contrast to what millions of other families are experiencing in less fortunate parts of the world.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for parents in war-torn and/or poverty-stricken countries, where there mustn’t be much time for fun, just survival. Seeing footage of that little boy pulled from building rubble in Syria and hauled into an ambulance with no familiar faces around him is beyond horrifying.

At the time, I wanted to somehow un-see it. Then I wanted to give something to help. Sitting in Australia with a family, monetary donations to people who actually can help are the best option for me, so I nominated Save The Children to receive a $300 gift from Edge for the month of November.

But the most important thing I hope I’ll be able to give to the world are children who grow into peaceful adults who are patient with those they disagree with, understanding of others’ backgrounds and take action for the causes they resonate with, especially when it involves helping people less fortunate than themselves.

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