Cost savings in the food supply chain


Edge Environment can help reduce your waste going to landfill and save money on your waste management. We are funded by the NSW EPA Circulate, Industrial Ecology Program to divert waste from landfill by finding alternative solutions. Industrial Ecology taps into the continued innovation in materials to deliver practical, bespoke and cost effective resource solutions.

Currently we are working with a range of food supply chain businesses from supermarkets, to manufacturers to logistics providers. We have successfully diverted thousands of tonnes of pallets, cardboard, plastics and food waste from landfill. We can also cater for problem wastes such as contaminated plastics with new solutions.

From organising large scale timber pallet pick up and refurbishment, to solutions for excess bakery products, we are here to help find the best solutions for your waste while making it commercially rewarding. We can undertake a site visit to understand your current waste and resource situation and develop solutions to divert waste to a higher use. There is no cost to your business.

Our Industrial Ecology projects usually follow the process below.


Benefits in participating in the Circulate Program for Food Supply Chain are:

Direct and immediate cost savings • Progress towards sustainability goals • Employee engagement, education and collaboration • Positive media and public relations messaging

To learn how we can help you meet your sustainability goals while saving money, get in touch now. The program runs for a limited time.

Contact Industrial Ecology Facilitator Sarah Bray at Edge Environment on   or 0405 144 784

Download a summary here.

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