Contributing to a more resilient built environment for Australia

Contributing to a more resilient built environment for Australia

Edge Environment, in partnership with Climate Risk, has delivered a significant milestone in the Insurance Council of Australia’s (ICA) Resilience Rating Tool initiative. An online pilot version of the tool was presented to a Property Working Group of the ICA in December 2011 to a positive reception.

The Resilience Rating Tool (RRT) uses ratings of individual building materials and information on a building’s exposure to weather hazards to provide an overall resilience rating unique to the building’s geographic location. The RRT is being developed one hazard at a time – beginning with inundation. The full architecture of the tool is in place and new research and data can be incorporated into the existing framework as it becomes available.

Web-based Resilience Rating Tool
A picture of what the final web-based Resilient Rating Tool may look like.

The RRT represents leadership in the area of resilience and aims to fill a gap in the availability of robust and reliable information. The ultimate aim of the RRT initiative is to contribute to a more resilient built environment for Australia.

The RRT initiative is now in a stage of user testing, feedback and broad stakeholder engagement. Organisations who have data on the resilience of building materials to weather hazards or are undertaking related projects are invited to make contact with Edge Environment to discuss how we may work together on this initiative.

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