Climate Change Adaptation – What is the future for Australia?

Edge Environment is pleased to have had two abstracts accepted to the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) 2013 Conference. The abstracts are titled

  • Insurance industry tools and knowledge development for a more resilient built environment
  • Local government planning for the future: adaptable buildings for flooding and sea level rise impacts

The NCCARF Conference will be held in June and aims to bring together ‘end-users’ and researchers from across Australia to share experience in adaptation and showcase activities, strategies and research.

NCCARF has been operating for five years and has made a significant contribution to the climate change adaptation research agenda. But the future funding for adaptation research, and indeed the future funding for adaptation generally, is uncertain. No guarantee of ongoing funding to NCCARF, or another organisation working on climate change adaptation, has been forthcoming. The recent announcement that the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is to be combined with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education only adds to the uncertainty.

At the same time the Productivity Commission is calling for governments at all levels to ’embed consideration of climate change in their risk management policies’ and ‘ensure there is sufficient flexibility in regulatory and policy settings…to manage the risks of climate change’.

The gap between recommended action and practice appears large. How will this be filled? What will government funded adaptation look like over the next few years? Will the private sector play a bigger role in adaptation?

We hope the answers to some of these questions become clearer at the NCCARF Conference.



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