Celebrating 10 years of Edge – a short reflection

Celebrating 10 years of Edge – a short reflection

In March 2008, we started Edge with the mission to catalyse change with scientific integrity and with a commitment to – as an organisation – embody the change we wanted to see in others. Whether we have truly succeeded in our first ten years is for others to judge. But, setting humility aside for just a moment, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved and the foundation we’ve set for ourselves for the next 10 years and beyond.

All our successes are based on finding people that share our mission, and working with them to deliver a sustainable future:

    • Our staff: we currently have a fantastic team of people working at Edge, and are lucky to have consistently managed to bring together innovative, passionate and talented individuals. From our past teams, we have seen business leaders being born, and innovators creating new and exciting products – whether from waste or even fish food from insects. Others have gone on to work a high-profile organisations such as the World Bank, pursue PhDs, or even set up branches of Edge in other countries.
    • Our clients: our clients also tend to be real change-makers, often our role is simply to support, empower and inspire. About a year ago we undertook some brand research, to find out how we are perceived by our clients. The feedback can be summarised In three words: passionate, knowledgeable and friendly. It’s no coincidence that we’d use the same three words to describe those we work on projects with day-to-day.
    • Our colleagues in other organisations: last but not least, we have a vibrant community of friends, collaborators and competitors. We have a long list of organisations that we partner with to deliver great projects and drive change. We couldn’t begin to have half the impact we do without strong institutions and organisations such as ALCAS, GBCA, NABERS, ISCA, EIANZ, GECA, TSC, FCH, EPA, OEH, ICA, Seed, Ecofys, and many, many more.

We’re tremendously excited an optimistic about our business, and the huge and real opportunity to fundamentally change the world for the better. Thank you all for playing your part up to now, and we  Thank you all for working with us over the last ten years, we look forward to many more.

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