Building Recycling Capacity in the Construction Materials Market

Market development for current non-recyclables is the core objective of the Sydney Industrial Ecology Network (SIEN).

Through a wider exploration of the types and quantities of building material currently being disposed of to landfill, it is hoped that the SIEN will be able to improve market knowledge for potential investors looking to establish recycling facilities.

Due to the smaller size, spatial separation and reliance on imports observed in Australia’s building materials market, recycling and re-processing capacity is below global averages. In response to this, the SIEN is working closely with market leaders such as CSR, Armstrong and Interface to promote the adoption of product stewardship schemes and also investment in domestic recycling infrastructure. With these companies, the SIEN is developing schemes to make the landfill of ceiling tiles, carpet tiles, plasterboard and glass a practice of the past.

With increasing the costs of transport, developing our domestic capacity for reprocessing materials into useful product is essential as the building industry moves toward a sustainable future.


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