BRRT App – Use your mobile to measure your property’s resilience to natural hazards

The ability that a building has to withstand natural hazards depends inherently on its construction materials and design.

With natural hazards occurring more frequently and with greater intensity, there is an increasing need to communicate the resilience agenda to a wider audience in order to stimulate homeowners, developers and builders to build with more resilient materials.

To address this, Edge Environment is currently developing a mobile app that takes simple design and construction inputs from the user and communicate in non-technical language where the resilience hot spots are for their dwelling.

The app is based on a tool that Edge Environment has been developing for the past three years. Developed in conjunction with the Insurance Council of Australia, The Building Resilience Rating Tool estimates the resilience of a building by calculating expected costs for damages to the building based on the construction materials, the design, the structure and the natural hazard risk profile of the area.

“The BRRT App” currently covers the natural hazards of flood, wind and hail, with a planned expansion to bushfire to be included before mid-2015.


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