Brazilian Business Network for LCA: Raised awareness of life cycle thinking and introduction to environmental handprinting

The Brazilian Business Network for LCA (Rede Empresarial Brasileira de ACV) was launched in São Paulo on the 30th of October. The objectives of the network are to:

  • Create an environment for cooperation between companies in the use of LCA;
  • Educate and increase industry awareness of the benefits and use of LCA;
  • Provide and disseminate LCA applications and best practice to various stakeholders; and
  • Influence and help the government to create a national life cycle database.

Key speakers at the event included:

  • Jorge Soto (Braskem) launched the Brazilian Business Network for LCA. He also gave an update on Braskem currently use and intend to expand the use of LCA up and down their supply chains for plastic resins (PP, PE, PVC). Mr Soto also introduced a short video by Braskem aiming to increase awareness of life cycle thinking.
  • Greg Norris (Harvard) gave an inspiring presentation with a broad range of examples of the use of Life Cycle Management and LCA in business practices in the US. Dr. Norris also offered his perspective on how LCA will be use going forward to go beyond traditional footprinting and negative impact assessment to focus on contagious regenerative activities though deliberate Design for Ripple Effects and Handprinting.
  • Haroldo Mattos (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas/Instituto Brasil UNEP) provided his perspectives on the use of LCA and environmental product declarations for sustainable procurement and consumer information. Haroldo provided a broad range of examples of leading practice in Europe where for example Holland have achieved 100% government procurement of environmentally certified products.
  • Mariana Meirelles (Ministry for the Environment) spoke about the future of sustainable public procurement in Brazil and the need for broad engagement with industry, NGO’s and academia to make sure Brazil is competitive in the market where increased weight is put on sustainable performance and attributes.

The network consist of major companies, including Braskem, GE, Natura, Danone, Boticário, Oxiteno and Tetra Pak. The network is also supported by the Brasilian LCA network (ABCV), Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, the consumer organisation Instituto Akatu, and Pacto Global.

Edge Environment wish the Brazilian Business Network for LCA good luck on meeting their objectives and we hope to contribute to its success going forward.

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