It’s time to bin trim

NSW businesses send nearly two million tonnes of waste to landfill each year, of which more than 70% can be recycled. How’s that for a reality check? Want to make a change? Bin Trim!

Over the past six months Edge has worked closely with local Northern Beaches businesses, helping them divert waste from landfill for Round 2 of the NSW Environmental Protection Authority’s Bin Trim program.

In Round 1, Edge engaged with 200 business and successfully diverted more than 600 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Bin Trim 300 storiesIn Round 2, Edge is notching things up and going for ‘300 Stories’ – helping 300 local businesses reduce waste and recycle more. To date, Edge has assisted 95 businesses from a range of commercial sectors (including clothing retailers, cafes and pubs) and helped them save money by providing insight into how reducing waste is environmentally beneficial and financially advantageous.

How Bin Trim works: Edge’s expert consultants conduct free waste assessments for the business, looking closely at their current waste-management systems. Edge then provides tailored action plans with tips on how to implement a more efficient waste and recycling system. Edge has an expansive network of waste service providers and recyclers who can help create avenues for recycling not available through standard waste service contractors.

Bin TrimThis round, Edge also reached out to the industrial sector, bringing Bin Trim to property groups Dexus and Mirvac, who have increased business recycling all across Sydney – from Harbourside and Broadway shopping centres, to Regents Park and Port Botany industrial parks. Strong enthusiasm from Dexus and Mirvac has been instrumental in implementing better recycling practices at these sites. Edge works closely with their on-site facilities management team to ensure the necessary recycling infrastructure is in place, and with tenants to maximise participation and cooperation. Several other shopping centres and industrial parks have expressed interest.

It’s important to note that through the Bin Trim Rebate Program, businesses can apply for rebates of up to 50% of the purchase price of recycling equipment, which is a big incentive for high waste-producing businesses to invest in equipment with much quicker payback periods.

The EPA’s Bin Trim programme provides an opportunity for businesses to access the expertise of industry leaders like Edge Environment. The resulting recycling systems are efficienteasily implementable and cost-effective, saving money and reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

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