From us to you: This is what we wish for Australia in 2017

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset

We went around the office and asked each team member what their wish for Australia would be in 2017. Here are our answers. What do you wish for our country?

Jimmy: I wish for Australia to turn a page and start becoming a global leader in sustainability. Ratifying the Paris Clime Change Agreement was a good first step but I, as an American and Australian citizen, hope Australia doesn’t go down the path the US is heading down. Australia has an opportunity to move the economy away from relying on coal and iron, invest in renewable energy infrastructure and be an example for developing nations.

Joel: For Australia to be 100% powered by renewable energy!

Sarah: Government backing for all companies to implement science based targets for carbon reduction.

Tati: That we demonstrate, through our national and international policies and through the actions of our businesses and communities, that Australians are kind, inclusive, fearless, innovative and positive.

Ken: I wish that the country would band together to lead in innovation, sustainability and technology. With all of the changes happening around the world, it would be great for Australia to step up and become the change that it is capable of.

Joana: My wish for Australia is for its political class to address the concerns of its people in regards to prosperity, job access and social harmony. Unless they become serious about what’s happening and respond in time, legitimate frustrations might start to mingle with un-Australian values: intolerance, pettiness, exclusion, injustice. The current political climate in some parts of the world gives Australia’s leaders a good opportunity: to learn from other people’s mistakes instead of their own.

Jonas: Complete mobilisation at federal, state, local and business levels to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, especially a commitment and roadmap to meet the COP21 Paris agreement’s carbon reduction targets – for Australia to be carbon neutral by 2050; and investments in building resilient communities and cities.

Jacqui: Policy debates that are less divisive and more focused on the actual policies.

Jon: Treaty with Indigenous Australians

Tom: Continued good health for all. For the world to settle down and see what is important in this short life – look after life, nurture it and make it better – all of it.

Alexis: To take the steps to build participation in the ‘new economy’ for all people, both regional and metropolitan, so we have a more cohesive society that can protect us from the kinds of social and economic divisions that have surfaced globally in 2016.

Henrique: I wish Australia could keep growing independently of the mining industry. Also, I hope more companies sign up to science based targets to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and help to combat global warming.

Marie: For all of us to enjoy Australia’s beautiful landscapes, and protect them!

Alarna: For all its residents to be tolerant of one another and for each of us to take (small or large, within the home or workplace) educated steps to create a more sustainable future.


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