ARENA Life Cycle Assessment Approach for Bioenergy Projects

ARENA Life Cycle Assessment Approach for Bioenergy Projects

ARENA-logo-119x254The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is an integral element of the Australian Government’s strategy for driving the long-term transformation to a clean energy economy. ARENA was established to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase the amount of renewable energy used in Australia. ARENA helps fund and share information around renewable energy projects.

ARENA requires proponents to deliver a life cycle assessment (LCA) report to support of applications for bioenergy and biofuels projects (as per ARENA’s existing Advancing Renewables Programme Investment Plan). ARENA are in the process of developing a methodology and guidelines to provide further detail for applicants on what is required for the LCA.

Edge are proud to work with ARENA to establish a national life cycle assessment (LCA) approach for ARENA-supported bioenergy (including biofuel) projects.

An LCA looks at the environmental impacts of a technology or product through all stages of its life, from materials extraction and processing, through to manufacture, maintenance and disposal.

ARENA is currently seeking your input on the first draft LCA method through an online survey, which closes on 23 May. Your feedback will help to inform and refine our approach.

If you would like to receive the results, please register your interest within the survey or by contacting us.

A consistent LCA approach will help ensure ARENA-supported projects deliver a net benefit across a range of environmental indicators, including greenhouse gas footprint, direct land use changes, water consumption and energy balance. It will also guide more effective decision making by providing a benchmark that enables us to compare new and existing projects and technologies against each other.

Once finalised, this method may be expanded to cover other technologies and priorities.

The guidelines are planned for launch in mid-2016.

More information

ARENA Bioenergy LCA Literature Review (PDF 1MB)

ARENA LCA Method and Guidance draft for comment 17 April 2016 (PDF 1MB)

ARENA LCA Method and Guidance draft feedback survey

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