Alison Rowe Joins Edge Environment Board

We are pleased to announce that Alison Rowe has joined the Edge Environment Board. Alison brings extensive Environmental Social Governance (ESG) experience and has led the establishment and scaling up of sustainability consulting practices internationally and organisation growth in purpose-led organisations. She is currently Managing Director at The Nature Conservancy Australia.

Alison recently shared with us what opportunities she sees for Edge, what she brings to the Board and how she has stayed true to her purpose.

What drew you to Edge and what are the opportunities you see in the business?

I knew of Edge’s great work though my role at the Infrastructure Sustainability Council and I also knew some of the team. When the opportunity came up to join Edge and as I learnt more about the business, I was drawn to Edge’s purpose, storytelling and the entire team.

There are huge opportunities for Edge in scaling up their existing services, ESG frameworks, climate financial disclosure strategic implementation and the emerging nature financial disclosure reporting and pathways to nature positive.

Science-led storytelling supported by practical customised pathways is in high demand.

What do you bring to the Board?

I bring two decades of international environmental sustainability experience in multiple sectors including a decade of governance experience. I understand what it takes to scale up and the importance of good governance. Balancing the tension between entrepreneurialism, risk appetite and being able to make good decisions are some of my key commercial skills.

I am naturally inquisitive, I listen, learn and ask questions with the ultimate aim of achieving more impact as soon as possible. This is the decade for action, and I bring that urgency and pragmatism along with my network to Edge.

How have you kept true to your purpose?

For many years I balanced corporate life and NFP environmental voluntary board life, trying to satisfy my values, but there was always tension.

I remember the exact moment (in a hotel room in Boston) when I knew I needed to address my unmet value of altruism. This led me to leaving the corporate world and dedicating my career to executive roles in the NFP sector firstly in energy and now in conservation. Whilst some moments have been really challenging, there is not a moment where I regretted my move. I always felt my values were aligned – in my working life, personal life and my vision of creating a better world when I leave than when I entered it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am looking forward to moving into our new 8 star NatHERS rated home next year and parking a new electric vehicle in the garage. I believe everyone can take actions to reduce emissions and help us get to net zero. As a good mate of mine says “Start where you are”.

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