Established in 2008, Edge is a full service sustainability consultancy focused on Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our teams are based in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Chile.

We exist to help our clients create value from tackling one of the world’s most fundamental challenges: creating truly sustainable economies and societies. We do this by combining science, strategy and storytelling in a way that gives our clients the confidence to take ambitious action, and do well by doing good.  

We support our clients by working across six areas:

  • Sustainability leadership and communications
  • ESG and sustainability strategy
  • Carbon and climate resilience
  • Circular economy and lifecycle thinking
  • Sustainable and ethical procurement
  • Sustainable delivery

In bringing together these diverse services, we are perfectly placed to guide clients from first steps to sustainability leadership, and from strategy through to on-the-ground implementation.

Edge Environment CEO Jonas Bengtsson showing B Corporation Certificate from Manly office

Why Edge?

You may think all sustainability consultancies are the same. We’d like to think otherwise. Here are a few of the things that set us apart…

  • Unmatched breadth and depth: Our team includes specialists from a wide range of disciplines, with project experience that spans many sectors. As a result, we can help you no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.
  • What you see is what you get: The people whose photos you see in our proposals are the same ones that will work on your project. If we’ve promised you our top consultants, that’s who you’ll get. 
  • We’re thought leaders: We want to change the world. That means we continuously invest in research and innovation, and are regularly at the forefront of industry initiatives. We then bring that expertise back into projects to benefit you.
  • We practice what we preach: It’s no good telling you how you can do better if we’re not doing it ourselves. That’s why we’re a BCorp, have a verified Science Based Target, and are striving to become a zero-waste business.
  • International capability, local knowledge: Over the years, we’ve worked with leading businesses from all over the world. We know what global best practice looks like, but we also understand the importance of your specific, local context.

Our Values

Everything we do has to align with our values, which are central to who we are, and how we want to work….

  • Client focused: Our impact and purpose is delivered through our clients’ success. 
  • Passionate and innovative: We’re personally committed to creating change, so we’re always looking to push boundaries.
  • Collaborative and solutions oriented: The best outcomes come when we combine perspectives, experiences and expertise. 
  • Courageous and humble: We act boldly and speak our minds, but leave our egos at the door.

Our Impact

Our Memberships & Partnerships

Edge is a member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, and technical working group member

Edge is a Technical Partner of the Australian Circular Economy Hub

Edge is a Certified B Corporation®

Edge is a member or the GBCA, and contributes to Green Star’s Technical Advisory Group

Edge is a partner of the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns (10YFP)

Edge is a member and contributes to the board of the Australian LCA Society

Edge is a member of the Life Cycle Initiative – a public-private, multi-stakeholder partnership enabling the global use of credible life cycle knowledge by private and public decision makers

Edge is a signatory of City Switch

Edge directors are trained by/members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Edge is a member of the United Nations Global Compact – an initiative to gather businesses around the world and encourage them to align their operations with universal sustainability principles.

Edge’s partnership with SupplyShift brings together expertise in sustainability and technology to create responsible supplier networks and deliver supply chain transparency. We support organisations to help them understand their supply chain impacts and proactively work with suppliers to implement responsible sourcing strategies.

Recognising the increased need for climate change impact reporting with a greater focus on financial analysis, sustainability services consultancy Edge Environment has partnered with Frontier Economics, a long-standing economics advisory firm to help advise businesses on their climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

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