Jonas Bengtsson
Jonas Bengtsson

CEO and Co-Founder


As we move further into the Decade of Action, we are experiencing growing urgency and momentum to address all of the world’s biggest challenges – ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the financial gap. 

The stakes could not be higher. Climate action failure is now the number one risk facing the world according to the World Economic Forum, and the scientific community has issued a Code Red.  

Encouragingly, we are also seeing action and intent from both private and public sectors. Investors are tilting their investments away from carbon and fossil fuel intensive industries, and towards sustainability-focused companies. We are seeing an increase in engagement at the board and executive level, with a push to upskill in and drive ESG and sustainability in a bid for companies stay relevant and competitive. We are now firmly on our way to creating a new economy where every job is a climate job.  

This increased focus and drive by businesses has brought an incredible amount of growth and opportunities to Edge, our partners, and clients. In 2021, we doubled our team. We reinforced an already formidable team with more experts across all areas, from regenerative agriculture to strategy and communications. We launched offices in Melbourne, Auckland, and the US. We boosted our leadership team and board of directors, to make sure we build the best organisation imaginable.  

It couldn’t be more exciting to work in sustainability. Every year seems to top the last and we are always amazed and grateful for the opportunity to create positive impact.  

Looking ahead, while the acceleration is exciting, there is still a long way to go before we achieve our vision of a world where unsustainable is unthinkable. The challenge ahead is of historic proportions. That is why we are committed to continue to innovate and evolve our solutions by investing in the best available science, scalable technology, impactful strategies, and creative and effective storytelling. 

We are never complacent with what we have or blinded by the opportunities ahead. We know nothing is possible without our world-class clients and team. Therefore, our foundation and number one priority is a healthy, happy, diverse, inclusive, and empowered team to carry on strongly with our purpose. 

Jonas, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Edge Environment

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