2017 – A year in review

2017 – A year in review

2017 was the year we’ll remember as one in which climate change action got serious. Many businesses and local governments noticeably stepped up their ambition. Aligning an organisation’s strategy with climate science became the rational response to better plan for the future and meet the demands of investors, employees and customers.

2017 was the year where more became possible. The response to a state-wide blackout was the world’s largest battery storage facility built in less than 100 days. We saw the economists declaring renewable energy the winner over fossil fuels. We said yes to diversity and no to modern slavery.

2017 saw our horizons broaden, too. A noticeable shift occurred, with sustainability teams looking more closely at their environmental and social impacts upstream and downstream in their supply chains. The is now a race to the top in circular economy solutions and sustainable procurement practices.

Looking ahead, its feels like 2018 will be a cross-roads. Will we build on 2017’s momentum or regress into business as usual. I am proud to say that Edge is the first Australian business with an approved science-based carbon target. Sure, we’re not going to change the world on our own, but we’ll continue to do all we can to be a catalyst for change.

I hope you enjoy our light-hearted reflection of the year past. It’s a small snapshot, but one that will give our clients, friends and partners the confidence that we ‘practice what we preach’. Full access can be found here.


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