200 Stories Wrap Up

200 Stories was created to educate, inform and fundamentally change the business as usual paradigm for waste treatment on the Northern Beaches.

Through the 200 Stories program, waste reduction plans were delivered to 214 local SMEs generating a community of change and 700 tonnes of recyclables were diverted from landfill. Meet the local businesses who participated and read the stories of how they are reducing their waste and saving money.

The following list is a quick snapshot of project achievements:

  • Plastic film was found to be one of the highest volume recyclables being sent to landfill on the Norther Beaches.  90% of businesses didn’t know where or how to recycle their plastic film and in this stream alone the equivalent of 7,992 wheelie bins were diverted from landfill.
  • Communal soft plastic collection in Freshwater organised between 5 boutiques consisting of 3 retailers, a children’s shop and a florist. Individually they did not have enough soft plastic to warrant a collection, however, together they collected a significant amount of soft plastic and now organise a regular communal collection each month.
  • In the success of the communal soft plastic collection at Freshwater, a similar collection started on Pittwater Rd in Manly, 2 surf shops and a florist groped together and made one central collection point for soft plastic, they get around 4000L of soft plastic per week due to surfboards and apparel being delivered from overseas that are all wrapped in plastic.
  • Development of a network of businesses on the Northern Beaches both needing and disposing of pallets, allowing them to co-operate collectively to reduce significant volumes of timber from landfill.
  • Explorations around precinct based organics processing including framework with the International College of Management, Sydney for an expansion of existing worm farms on the site to process organic matter from nearby hospitality business.
  • Widespread implementation of the Grounds Zero campaign has seen huge numbers of local café’s in the Manly area making their coffee grinds available to the public, reducing waste to landfill and developing a strong community expectation on the treatment of organic waste.
  • Greater involvement and education around the availability of specialised waste services, facilitating increased recycling in the automotive industry

200 Stories was part of the BinTrim Waste Less Recycle More grant round 1. Edge Environment is currently in the application stage for the next round of funding which will be rolled out from August 2015 till February 2017.

Get in touch with Blake or Gabi to get involved in the next round of free waste assessments.

Blake Lindley blake.lindley@edgeenvironment.com.au

Gabi Adolphe gabi.adolphe@edgeenvironment.com.au


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